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Team Jaimebird Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Total Raised: $14,060.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 40
Members Recruited: 71

Join us in the fight against pancreatic cancer!

You may know that our family has been deeply affected by pancreatic cancer. You may not know that pancreatic cancer is the nationís fourth leading cause of cancer deaths, and that its low survival rate has not improved in 25 years.

Team Members:
Total Raised$14,060.00  
General Team Donation$2,535.00  
Haley Reckling$2,600.00  
   Karissa Barney$400.00  
   Kathy Barney$50.00  
   Ray Barney$50.00  
   Cynthia Bauknecht$1,050.00  
   Rick Bauknecht$70.00  
   Jack Dunk$50.00  
   Kathy Dunk$50.00  
   Andrew Ecklund$50.00  
   Sean Fidlow$50.00  
   Mary Lynn Garrett$50.00  
   Katie Gomoll$50.00  
   Luke Gomoll$50.00  
   Jeff Grunwald$50.00  
   David Hanson$50.00  
   Emma Hanson$50.00  
   Luke Hanson$50.00  
   Shari Hanson$435.00  
   beverly hendrix$50.00  
   todd hendrix$50.00  
   Sally Higham$50.00  
   Elizabeth Kozikowski$50.00  
   Lizzie Kozikowski$50.00  
   Wayne Kozikowski$50.00  
   Eric Kuehmeier$50.00  
   Lauren Kuehmeier$50.00  
   Sarah Kuehmeier$1,050.00  
   Rachel Lenke$50.00  
   Richard Manwaring$50.00  
   Sandra Manwaring$50.00  
   Jean Matyja$325.00  
   John Matyja$100.00  
   Michelle Matyja$550.00  
   Michelle Minor$50.00  
   Corey Nissenberg$50.00  
   Chris Reckling$50.00  
   Eric Reckling$50.00  
   Haley Drake Reckling$50.00  
   Kyle Reckling$475.00  
   Michael Reckling$1,045.00  
   Michael Reckling, Sr.$325.00  
   Colin Ridge$50.00  
   Lani Ridge$50.00  
   Ryan Ridge$50.00  
   Scott Ridge$50.00  
   Suzann Ridge$50.00  
   Jasleen Sangha$50.00  
   peter schlax$75.00  
   wendy schlax$75.00  
   Anna Sizelove$50.00  
   Lori Sizelove$100.00  
   Rich Sizelove$100.00  
   Aliki Smith$50.00  
   Kristin Szydelko$50.00  
   Eric Wall$50.00  
   Julie Wall$50.00  
   Abigail Watt$50.00  
   Brad Watt$50.00  
   Carly Watt$50.00  
   George Watt$50.00  
   Laurie Watt$50.00  
   Terry Watt$50.00  
   Cheryl White$50.00  
   Edward White$50.00  
   Daniel Yadron$50.00  
   Jane Yadron$50.00  
   Jessica Yadron$50.00  
   James Zenn$50.00  
   Mary Zukowski$50.00  
   Perry Zukowski$50.00  

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